Welcome to the Wichita Two-Spirit Society Homepage!  We’re still building, so please excuse the occasional loose nail.

Wichita Pride Parade

We are a confidential group for American Indian and Hispanic Men and Women who are interested in exploring their heritage and seeking an understanding of Native American traditions regarding gender and self.

Many modern Americans are not aware of the pre-Contact tribal traditions regarding sexuality.  Most of us have adopted a very Western, even somewhat ‘homophobic’ way of thinking about gender roles.

It is our desire to educate our communities about our traditions.  That those tribal ideas in many cases viewed Two-Spirit people as healers, artists, and storytellers (the keepers of the history).  That we are not easily categorized as ‘male’ and ‘female’ but as another gender entirely.

We encourage respect for all, seek to provide HIV/AIDS prevention education to stem the tide of a disease that plagues our community, and once again be honorable helpers to our people.  Once we were sought for counsel for our ability to understand, our ability to Walk Between Worlds.  And we seek to represent that again.