Wichita Two-Spirit Society

Annual Thanksgiving at Pam’s discussed and information carried forward

  • Attendance
    1. Brent presiding
  • Meeting schedule
    1. First Monday of month so far unchallenged
    2. ICT2SS March meeting scheduled for 7 Mar 16
  • Communication
    1. General Website Updates for meeting times and location
    2. Post notes to up traffic for unique content
    3. Facebook postings increased
      1. From January this has proven successful
      2. Possibility of creating a ‘like’ page on Facebook for more accurate charting
    4. Name & Address list acquired for mailings
      1. Will be transferred to a digital document
  • Events
    1. Mention has been made of ICT2SS attending Wichita Pride Celebration (September)
      1. Some discussion of attending the parade for PrideFest in regalia
      2. Regalia not being integral to Two-Spirit identity and some expressed reservation at misrepresentation
  • Decision reached that regalia should not be expected or suggested for anyone wishing to march with ICT2SS if it is decided to march in the parade
  1. It has not been decided at this time whether ICT2SS will have a booth at PrideFest as the cost is not yet known
  1. National Coming Out Day (11 Oct)
    1. There is interest in reserving an informational booth for this event
  2. National ‘Day of Silence’ (15 Apr)
    1. There is interest in reserving an informational booth for this event
  3. More research will be performed to determine events throughout the year that ICT2SS will wish to attend/rent
  • Communications
    1. Need to get a new banner for events and signage
      1. Pricing for a cloth, full-color 3’ x 8’ banner ranges from $15 – $30 but that is through discount sources online
      2. Reputable and quality work may prove to be more expensive, however $50 is still quite reasonable
  • All agreed this was an acceptable price
  • MAAIC sponsorship is being maintained
    1. Brent has been volunteering every two weeks due to class and work schedule