Wichita Two-Spirit Society, Inc.

  • Attendance
    1. Brent and one member
    2. Other members notified Brent through FB that they would not be able
  • Meeting schedule
    1. At November meeting the original meeting day of first Mondays of the month was the preference but Wichita Pride Inc. was already scheduled for that time at The Center of Wichita, Pride has since changed their schedule
    2. ICT2SS February meeting scheduled for 1 Feb 16
  • Crafting Material Provided
    1. Crafting ‘kit’ will be constructed with basic supplies for crafting during meetings or on specific ‘crafting days’
    2. Potential crafting projects
      1. Beaded talking sticks
        • unknown
      2. Dream Catchers
        • If well done can sell well
        • No volunteers as yet
  • Finger-weaving
    • Brent and Cathy already have several contributions
    • Brent is continuing to produce
  1. Pottery
    • Guest at November meeting suggested
    • Difficult to transport easily
    • If individuals are interested in completing on their own then certainly willing to sell at shows, however they are still heavy so that is a consideration
  • Staff Feathers
    1. Specialized bindings will be necessary according to specific individual
  • Communication
    1. General Website Updates for meeting times and location
    2. Post notes to up traffic for unique content
    3. Name & Address list acquired for mailings
  • Sobriety Powwow
    1. Attendance overall and specifically from Two-Spirits unknown
  • MAAIC sponsorship is being maintained
    1. Brent has been volunteering as near to weekly as possible