Wichita Two-Spirit Society, Inc.

Annual Thanksgiving at Pam’s

  • Pam, Brent, Cathy, three members, four guests
  • Meeting for January Scheduled
    1. Meeting First Saturday 2 Jan 2016
    2. The Center of Wichita
    3. Brent will pay rental fee
  • Financial Filings
    1. IRS filing announced to group
    2. No notification from IRS of follow-up
    3. Brent will be confirming no follow-up necessary soon
  • Brent
    1. Goal is to host 2017 International Gathering
  • Isaac
    1. Researching grant apps through GLSEN
      1. Brent not optimistic for event funding but there is possibility of organizational funding
  • Crafting
    1. Beaded talking sticks
      1. Two members
    2. Possible Dreamcatchers
      1. Two members
    3. Fingerweaving
      1. Brent
    4. Pottery
      1. Possibly one guest
  • Staff Feathers
    1. Pam’s Son
    2. Michael
    3. Eagle Feather from Montana Two-Spirits
  • Communication
    1. General Website Updates for meeting times and location
    2. Post notes to up traffic for unique content
    3. Name & Address list acquired for mailings
  • Sobriety Powwow
    1. Some expressed interest in attending
    2. Unlikely all will go as a group
    3. Will need to get more involved in other powwows to help with fundraising
  • Involvement with PrideFest 2015 discussed
    1. Wichita Pride had several corporate issues this year
    2. Banner with correct corporate name still needs to be acquired
  • MAAIC sponsorship is being maintained
    1. Brent has been volunteering as near to weekly as possible