Wichita Two-Spirit Society, Inc.

  • Meeting with Brent, Cathy, and one member
    1. Confirmed desire to have a booth at Wichita PrideFest 2015
      1. Would also like to have presence in ‘Pride Parade’ however still have not acquired a new banner with correct corporate name
      2. Carrying banner with incorrect name is, at this point, misrepresentation and should be avoided
    2. No note from the IRS beyond confirmation of reception of 501(c)(3) application
      1. Legally this provides the option of referring to ourselves as a non-profit
      2. EIN from the state is the primary confirming document
    3. MAAIC sponsorship is being maintained
      1. Brent has been volunteering as near to weekly as possible
      2. Will also be researching for grants