Wichita Two-Spirit Society, Inc.

  • Meeting with Brent, Cathy and two members
    1. Will be getting a booth at the Spring Powwow
      1. This apparently is the only powwow that is scheduled to be held at MAAIC for the next several months
      2. Crafts of some finger-weaving will be made by Brent, John will attempt but he is unsure of how much free time he will have
  • May attempt beadwork if have time
  1. Will have the remaining supplies from previous events as well
  1. MAAIC has offered to maintain the sponsorship of the Two-Spirits if they agree to gardening work throughout the year
    1. April offered this to John, will be returning a confirmation
  2. Brent will be filing the Two-Spirit tax forms

Will also be researching for grants